About us

Central TNT was set up in 2015 to Test and Tag all single and three -phase commercial and domestic electrical appliances with professionalism.

Although born in Australia I grew up in Europe and qualified as an Electrician in Switzerland. These courses over 5 years have been accredited in Australia.

Since then I have worked for 10 years in the electrical industry in Australia and become more and more aware of the necessity to increase the safety standards and to have electrical equipment maintained on a regular basis. To learn more about electrical safety requirements, I undertook Test and Tagging training and accreditation at a national level.

I am very passionate about my trade and find great satisfaction by helping others build and maintain professional occupational health and safety standards in their businesses with my knowledge and regularly calibrated state-of-the-art equipment.

Thank you for visiting Central TNT website. Jump on board for a professional health and safety standard in your business.