What is Test and Tag?
Test and Tag is the term used to describe the process of inspecting and testing electrical equipment to ensure that is safe.

Why is this important?
Many dangerous, hidden faults can only be discovered by specific electrical inspections and tests.

What is the procedure for Testing?
Each appliance undergoes a careful visual inspection followed by a series of electrical tests using a Portable Appliance Tester.

Which areas do you cover?
Central TNT generally services the Central Coast area, however will travel outside the area if required.

What is a Class 1 and Class 2 appliance?
A Class 1 appliance is an appliance that is earthed and a Class 2 appliance is double insulated and is not earthed.

Can you replace a damaged plug on an appliance?
Yes, Central TNT can replace a plug on an appliance, extension cord or power lead, and also supply replacement Extension Leads, IEC Leads and Powerboards.

Will you remind us when our next test is due?
Yes, Central TNT will contact you when re-testing is due.

How long will it take to test and tag everything?
This is dependent upon the number of appliances being tested and their accessibility.

How does this impact your insurance policies?
If an untagged/unsafe appliance causes a fire, your insurance claim could be declined on the grounds you did not take care to prevent loss to your property.