We Test and Tag Electrical Equipment

Whether you own a large or small business, workplace safety is of the utmost importance. Part of workplace safety is having safe electrical equipment that has been scrutinised by an electrical test and tag service. Central TNT provides a comprehensive inspection service to identify any issues and faults with electrical equipment and appliances.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations set out the safety standards within which businesses must operate. These standards include the safety of the workplace environment. Carrying out electrical test and tag in Australia has been recognised by Workcover as being a necessary part of Occupational Health and Safety regulations. If your business has unsafe electrical appliances or equipment there is a high chance that you or a member of your staff may be injured, perhaps fatally. Our services can test and tag electrical equipment ensuring its safety or determining any faults.

Central TNT uses a number of specialist processes to assess your workplace electrical safety.  Past experience has identified a wide range of electrical faults including the misuse of items, damaged fittings and broken wiring. Our expert technicians are able to identify these issues quickly. When we test and tag electrical equipment in your workplace you can be assured of professional   service carried out in a timely manner.

We offer full flexible services that we can carry out in accordance with your schedule. Central TNT offers an out-of-hours service because we understand that extensive testing may disturb you and your employees.

For more information on Central TNT’s testing and tagging on the Central Coast call 0402 499 420, or email us at info@centraltnt.com.au or via our inquiry form.