Did You Know

All portable appliances and equipment must be tested by professional test and tag specialists.
This includes electric hand tools, power boards, extension leads and any portable residue devices, as well as:

OFFICE: • Computer chargers (e.g. laptop) • Portable printers and scanners • Portable lighting, heating and cooling • Portable radios and/or stereos • Portable phone chargers, as well as mobile chargers • Overhead projectors • Data projectors • Electrical whiteboards • All power boards and extension leads • Vacuum cleaners • Steam cleaners

KITCHEN: • Electric frying pans • Toaster ovens and sandwich presses • Un-mounted microwaves • Portable electric mixers • Food processors • Portable electric coffee machines and grinders • Power boards and extension leads • Vacuum/steam cleaners

ACCOMMODATION: • Toasters, kettles and portable cooking equipment • Stereos, radios, DVD players, TVs • Portable lamps and heaters • Hair dryers • Bedside clocks • Electrical blankets • Iron • Power boards and extension leads • Portable phone chargers.

SCHOOLS: • Computer chargers (including laptops) • Portable printers, scanners and laminators • Overhead projectors • Data projectors • Electric whiteboards • Cooking appliances (e.g. toasters and kettles) • Radios • DVD players • TVs • Portable lamps and heaters • Portable phone chargers • Extension leads and power boards.

Our prices are designed to offer you an affordable option for choosing quality test and tag services on the entire Central Coast. Also available in most adjacent areas Central TNT can ensure that all of your equipment is being tested to the highest state of the art safety standard.