Ways to Prevent an Electrical Fire

Overloading: Use a power-board with an overload cut-out instead of multiple leads or double adapters.

Respect electrical leads: Make sure that all leads are clearly visible not under carpets, over roads, near sharp objects or in contact with fluids. Always use a circuit breaker when using appliances attached to leads.

Don’t overload leads: Check the amperage before connecting leads to major appliances.

Unplug leads safely: Grip the plug firmly before removing from plug, Do not pull lead out, it could bend the prongs or pull wires out within plug.

Replace damaged leads: Cracked, melted or discoloured leads or those that feel hot to touch. If a lead is damaged, do not cut damaged section out and join undamaged parts. Replace entire lead.

Flickering lights, appliances not running smoothly: (e.g. too slowly) or the circuit breaker tips every time that one light or appliance is switched on. Call an electrician.

Powerful light bulbs: Check the maximum wattage recommendation for socket before installing. Over-powerful light may melt the socket or wiring.